Machine Learning 101- Opening

Since I focused on data science to get comfortable in computational part for biotechnology,  I will start learning machine learning using Python scikit-learn library. Today I will share some of my knowledge about machine learning and some new things that I just learn from course in Udacity: Intro to Machine Learning:

By Andrew Ng, Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. As it is in the name, machine is learning by seeing and analysing the data which is already handed to it. This is a long process of making machine to learn or decide by itself.

There are dozens of cool examples of usage in Machine Learning. You probably well aware of face tag mechanism on Facebook, and our smart phones. They are using machine learning to recognize faces. Self driving cars, some robot projects, search engines like Google, and so on. Nowadays we surrounded by machine learning technologies.

With this post I officially start learning and sharing Machine Learning. Join me on this enjoyable journey. Share your knowledge, ask questions, make contributions. See you soon…


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