Having hard time to say No?

Saying “No” to people was always hard to me, because I am so thoughtful about people and when I say no to their requests/needs, I feel like I am deceiving them. But I passed over this feeling to do the following:

  • Saying “No” does not mean that you are disagreeable or a nasty person. it can actually prove that you are tuned in.
  • Ignoring requests will diminish your value and relationships faster than saying “No” more often than you say “Yes.” It appears that you are not listening which is clearly disrespectful.
  • Four simple steps to asses requests and say “No” when it’s appropriate:
    • Hear it:
      • Your responsibility to get to heart if the request and why it matters.
    • Goal First:
      • If you are going to say “No”, you should assess the request
      • A goal first approach is about defining your vision, because if you do not have a vision you will more likely to accept whatever comes to you as a request.
    • Yes or No
      • You should respond to requests quickly as they come in.
      • You need to quickly analyze them as they are received and allow your “goal first” strategy to guide you.
    • Be Transparent:
      • Explaining the “why” makes the “what” simple to digest.
      • You need to be more than just nice because being nice alone does not help someone see your perspective.
      • Tell them why you cannot accept that request and be honest!
  • There are some time that you cannot refuse the request because of your hierarchical position ;
  • IF your boss asks for something that is difficult, sometimes you will need to say “Yes”. Bu
    • But you should also explain that you are working on A, B, and C and would be happy to move something out to get the request done
    • Ask for guidance when the priorities are not clear.



I hope, You love the topic… Leave comment below, Share your thoughts with me, I will pleased to hear them

Say no to everything, so you can say yes to the one thing.

Richie Norton


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