What Successful People do Before Sleep


Today I want to share something, which I think will be very essential for people who wants to be successful on whatever they do… This is a digest of a post from lifehack.org. I hope you’d enjoy it…

Wrap up the day


After sometime spending at work, school or any other place that, takes huge amount of time from you; end your work day, and spend time for yourself, focus another part of your life…


Most of the time people get tired after 6-7 pm, it is great time to end you casual, daily and boring -for most of the population on earth- day and start your special time.


Don’t just rest physically also rest mentally with spending your time with what you like to do most such as, cooking, playing card games, staring at the people across the street from your balcony -you can even yell at them if you wish :)- , and so on.


Read Book


Not a surprise in here, reading books… Your elderlies, professors, doctors and the other people, who really know that reading is important, would say this to you at least thousands of time, but I will repeat here again…


Reading and Learning can shortcut your journey to success.


Successful people, including me -Do you believe :)- read book and articles until they get tired and ready, from another point of view, then they go to sleep.

Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends


Connections are very important for success. Successful people most of the time try to met with their friends and family to consult with them. This is very important to grow connections and find new ones.


Nights, especially your special time is an amazing time period to consult with your family and friend.


Get Connected, Stay Connected


Plan and Get Ready for the Next Day


Planning for tomorrow is make you time more abundant, because you already planned what you will do for tomorrow, approximately of course. There will be always some hitches, but if you have a plan you can simply skip it to do other plans. Without a plan, you will spend more time to think about it and   waste your precious time.


How can you plan your day: writing down what you need to do is very old fashion, however most efficient way to keep things organized.


Ironing your clothes, uniting all document you will need for tomorrow, preparing for school with organizing your backpack, are in the category of Planning and getting ready for the next day.


Unplug form World


Ok, Indeed this is very hard topic to implement to our life -as a student- but did we try yet?


Successful people can successfully implement this habit in their life because they know that technology have been stealing from our private life. Spending 2 hours without   technology will give you priceless   qualified time to spend with your family and friends, reading great novel, opportunity to plan your next day, or even imagine your future plans…




Meditation is another act that successful people do before sleep. It gives human body relaxation.


Meditation is simply fixing your breathing varying your heart beats. Meditations gives you to measure every aspects in your life more carefully. We can say meditation improves your willpower, self control.


Meditation will rest your body a little bit and it will prepare you a great sleep…


Envision Tomorrow


Envisioning is almost same as planning, but there is slight different between envision and plan. Envision does not require pen pencil or electronic device, which requires only imaginative mind. You simply imagine your next day. What will occur, how things will show up… It makes you be ready for challenges that you could possibly change.


More experience in your field, will give you more precise envisions for the next day…


Write Down Accomplishment for the Day


What have you accomplished the day that finished for you? Don’t think too perfectionist. Even if little goals, which appears in your mind during the day; such as having dinner with your friend, or going to cinema, finishing the chapter in your book… could be you achievements for the day.


Seeing your accomplishments in a list, will improve your self-confidence and give you an understanding that you can actually do things..


Get Things Done Before Sleeping


Getting things done before sleeping means, not postponing things to another day.


Things that postponed for another day always be in your mind during whatever you are dealing with at that time.


Get Enough Sleep


Sleep is a meditation that restore you body, cellular activities, and brain functions. Sleeping time, which should be at night time… is giving your body to rest and try to fix thing s in your body.


Scientist says that 8 hours sleep is ideal for average humans. However, it depends on human, there are magnificent people, who change the world does not need that much time, or they can not sacrifice that much time for sleep.


As I said, don’t be offend, I am not judging any body. I am pointing out that you can live with 4-6 hour sleep… 🙂 Thing about it!!!



I hope, You love the topic… Leave comment below, Share your thoughts with me, I will pleased to here them


In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Bill Cosby


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