Studying R and Python

Programming is essential for computer scientist. That’s why I am spending most valuable time of me studying how to programming and solving problems using some programming languages.

Python is always my best language. I am solving almost all of my  problems using small scripts written in Python. It is great first language for learners also. I did not start learning programming in Python though.  It was C, which taught by my school. Then I start learning Java, also it was required by  my school. During last summer I found that Python is very suitable for computational biology area, and its very reliable language, because it getting popular and rigid.

I start learning Python, using Codecademy tutorials as a guide. Then I bought a reference book which is about thousand pages… but it was very comprehensive. After learning some basics of Python,  I regret my time that I have spent with C and Java. However It was required for my school classes so, it was not bad…

Now I am trying to learn R language, and data analysis, because in my future studies I will need some data handling and statistical analysis. Having these skills will put forward my CV when I am applying PhD.(Hopefully 🙂 ) I am taking John Hopkins Data Science Track from Coursera.

Here are some links that you can learn R form:

If you know more sources please leave a comment or contact with me.

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Nicholas Negroponte


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